Floor Marking Tape

Last updated: August 26, 2019

What Does Floor Marking Tape Mean?

Floor marking tape is an adhesive tape used to mark the location of hazards, hazardous areas, or rescue equipment, as well as to provide navigation information.

Marking tape is often used in lieu of paints or other marking systems, as it can more easily be applied and removed, and it is easier to store and transport. As floor marking tape is commonly used in industrial settings, it is often manufactured to be highly durable to withstand exposure to large amounts of physical wear.

Safeopedia Explains Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape is available in a number of different colors that are used to indicate specific things, such as a certain type of hazard or an aisle for a vehicle. Some tape may have multiple colors on it to indicate specific information; for instance, the use of black and yellow stripes is commonly used to indicate “caution” or “warning.”

OSHA does not provide a great deal of guidance on floor-marking standards, nor do other occupational health and safety jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom. The use of marking tape or another marking solution is clearly required in some instances, such as in OSHA standard 1910.176. This standard refers to safety practices in settings that require materials handling and storage and in which mechanical handling equipment is used (e.g., warehouses). This standard requires permanent aisles and passageways within the working environment, but it does not specify how this must be achieved other than through a letter of interpretation stating that marking lines must be at least two-inches wide. The agency’s standard for safety codes (1910.144) also mandates the use of a color scheme in which red and yellow are used to indicate “danger” and “caution” for physical hazards.

Additional regulations related to marking tape may include building codes that follow the International Fire Code, which requires the use of luminous markings to indicate an exit path from buildings over a certain height, as well as for visibility stripes to be placed on steps. Floor marking tape is also used in some management systems. For instance, the 5S lean manufacturing system uses red and white markings to indicate areas that should be kept clear for compliance reasons, and it uses black and yellow to indicate areas that may expose employees to special physical or health hazards.



Floor Tape

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