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Site Specific Safety Plan

Last updated: July 22, 2017

What Does Site Specific Safety Plan Mean?

A site specific safety plan is designed by keeping the specific hazards that are most common in the work place in mind. As with the changing work place, the nature of hazards also changes. So, the safety plan that is designed for a specific site is known as site specific safety plan.

Safeopedia Explains Site Specific Safety Plan

A site specific safety plan is a documented procedure that is designed to cover the hazards with a high chance of occurrence. Safety plans are custom made documents that can be amended and changed keeping in view the hazards of the work place. For example, in a workplace where there is a stacking of flammable liquids, the site safety plan will specifically cover the fire safety procedures. On a construction site, the site specific safety plan will include the procedures of Personal Protective Equipment, the fencing procedures, procedures regarding working at heights, etc..



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