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Hazard Assessment

Last updated: August 17, 2017

What Does Hazard Assessment Mean?

A hazard assessment is a thorough check of the work environment. The purpose of a hazard assessment is to identify potential risks and hazards in the area, as well as to identify appropriate safety measures to be used to mitigate the identified hazards.

Safeopedia Explains Hazard Assessment

A hazard assessment can be a checklist, or simply an investigation of the working area. Hazard assessments should be done daily, even if the work area is the same. The purpose of completing hazard assessments daily is to avoid becoming complacent, or simply not noticing the environment around you. Hazard assessments allow the workers to assess the work area each day, and determine which safety measures to put in place according to the current risk. Daily assessments allow workers to view safety measures as situational, and change the measures as the environment and hazards change. They are also known as field level hazard assessments (FLHA), or, simply, risk assessments.



Risk Assessment, Hazard ID, HAZID

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