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Occupational Health & Safety Technologists (OHST)

What Does Occupational Health & Safety Technologists (OHST) Mean?

Occupational health and safety technologists are workers who are in an entry level position in the occupational health and safety (OSH) sector. Their roles vary from worksite assessments and monitoring possible risks, to investigating incidents and looking for ways to minimize incidents from occurring. Many who wish to have a vocation in the health and safety sector start as an occupational health and safety technologist to gain work experience.

Safeopedia Explains Occupational Health & Safety Technologists (OHST)

To become qualified as an occupational health and safety technologist, you must perform OSH related duties in at least a third of your job role, and have sufficient experience, generally a three year minimum. Most certifications require participants to attend a theory based course, which runs over two days. After the theoretical course is complete, participants are tested on their knowledge, and if they are found to have sufficient knowledge they are awarded certification.


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