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Field Level Hazard Assessment

Last updated: August 17, 2017

What Does Field Level Hazard Assessment Mean?

Field level hazard assessment is an evaluation that is completed prior to work commencing at a job site. The assessment is designed to identify hazards, assess risks and control exposure to them before the tasks for the day begin. The identified controls may require that additional precautions be taken or that certain tasks be prohibited until a safer means to complete the task is made available.

Safeopedia Explains Field Level Hazard Assessment

Field level hazard assessments are considered an effective tool for evaluating the presence of hazards before work begins at a site. The assessment aides in determining whether established company policies and procedures are being followed in the field. It also serves as a means to ensure that equipment is in safe working condition and that necessary steps are not being overlooked. Some of the potential hazards evaluated include confined spaces, extreme temperatures, fall hazards, sharp objects, electrical hazards and lighting concerns. Recommended controls can include specific personal protective equipment, pedestrian barricades, communication devices, ventilation, atmospheric testing and work permitting systems. The assessments are typically written documents and kept on file.


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