Ignition Source

Published: | Updated: August 31, 2020

Definition - What does Ignition Source mean?

A fire requires a combination of three elements to ignite and remain burning: fuel, oxygen, and an ignition source. The oxygen provides a fire-friendly environment, the fuel will burn, and the ignition source will cause the fuel to ignite.

Ignition sources include hot surfaces, electricity (including static electricity), flames, and sparks.

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Safeopedia explains Ignition Source

Fire risk assessments are an essential component of workplace hazard identification. These assessments should include a thorough sweep of the workplace and the various work tasks and processes to identify any actual or potential ignition sources.

Since oxygen is ever-present in almost every workplace, fire prevention will focus on eliminating ignition sources or preventing them from coming into contact with fuel (except in cases of a controlled fire). These measures can include safety controls for electrical equipment to prevent sparking and static-free equipment and protective clothing.

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