Pyrophoric Materials

Last updated: June 17, 2017

What Does Pyrophoric Materials Mean?

Pyrophoric materials are compounds that have the ability to ignite spontaneously in the air. Technically, they are defined as materials that will ignite at temperatures below 54.5 degrees celsius (130 degrees fahrenheit), as many chemicals will burn at a high enough temperature. They may also ignite on contact with water and moisture. Handling such materials without following proper safety procedures can result in serious damage to property and possible injury.

Safeopedia Explains Pyrophoric Materials

Pyrophoric materials need to be handled with care. All workers must be familiar with and follow safety guidelines. They must be handled under an inert atmosphere. All air and moisture must be rigorously excluded. Prior to starting work with a pyrophoric material, conduct a risk assessment, and if possible, use a safer material. Limit your exposure by handling the smallest quantity needed to get the job done, and always have two people working together.


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