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Fire Safety

Definition - What does Fire Safety mean?

Fire safety refers to planning and infrastructure in an organization that's designed to reduce fires and their effects. This can include things like built-in fire resistant infrastructure, preventive actions, and the presence of firefighting equipment.

Safeopedia explains Fire Safety

Fire presents the highest known risk factor for any business or organization. Fire safety, therefore, is the prime consideration in planning any business.

Fire safety includes consideration of the following points:

  • Ensuring the local building code is followed
  • Ensuring the provisions of fire codes (exists, stairs, markings and signage etc.) are followed
  • Compliance with electrical safety codes
  • Fire risk assessments when a building, equipment or process is built or modified
  • Proper stowage of flammable and hazardous materials
  • Installation of fire detection and automatic or semi-automatic fire alarm systems
  • Arrangement of correct types of operational fire extinguishers and hydrants
  • Training users in fire extinguishers, fire alarm, emergency evacuation and assembly procedures
  • Conducting fire drills regularly by coordinating with the local fire department
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