Last updated: November 13, 2018

What Does Splinter Mean?

A splinter is a foreign object that penetrates the skin and lodges itself in the body. Splinters are most commonly wood, but shards of glass, plastic and metal are also common objects that can cause splinters. Splinters have the ability to travel below the layers of skin and work their way into the bloodstream causing possible blood poisoning.

Safeopedia Explains Splinter

Possible infection from splinters is commonly a result of dirt or rust that may be on the object embedded in the skin. To minimize the risk of infection, it is vital to remove the object as soon as possible. Removal by piercing the skin with a sterilized needle and then pulling the object out with a pair of tweezers is a common method of splinter removal. If the area of skin becomes inflamed, itchy and/or discoloured, a visit to the doctor may be necessary to receive a prescription for an antibiotic treatment.





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