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First Responder

Last updated: December 4, 2017

What Does First Responder Mean?

A first responder refers to professionals such as paramedics, fire fighters and emergency personnel who are trained to provide rescue or other emergency services in case of emergencies like fire, explosion, building collapse, earthquakes or sudden health effects. The role of a first responder is to protect life and property and minimize environmental impact.

Safeopedia Explains First Responder

First responders are the people who are trained to tackle some emergency situations. Although the types of emergencies they encounter differ, they follow a similar approach:

  • They gain command or control of the scene
  • They detect the presence of hazards and begin to identify them
  • They work to evacuate, decontaminate, isolate or otherwise protect personnel and property
  • They work to contain the risk and improve safety
  • They seek additional resources as needed


First Response, Emergency Responder, Emergency Worker

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