What are examples of PPE when working with asbestos?


What are examples of PPE when working with asbestos?


For all listed classifications respirators and protective clothing is required. The employer must provide these. Respirator filters must be designed for filtering asbestos, selecting the appropriate type from among those certified by NIOSH, gloves, coveralls, or shoe covers may be required to prevent any contact with asbestos and prevent workers from carrying it off site.

All personal protective equipment must be washed only in laundries that are equip to handle asbestos contaminated clothing. It must not be carried out at home or at a public laundromat. To ensure secure fitting of respirators, men should be clean shaven when wearing a respirator. Glasses can effect an effective sealing around the face of the respirator when using a full face respirator. If the operator wears glasses, a positive pressure air supply hood should be worn.

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