New workers are more vulnerable to workplace hazards. If you are new to the job, it is especially important that you learn and follow established workplace practices. You must always wear the proper personal protective equipment. Use all equipment properly, and, if you notice a hazard, report it immediately. If you are not sure about something on the job, ask someone rather than trying to fumble through on your own. When carrying objects, use proper lifting techniques.

If you get hurt at work, you need to let your supervisor know as soon as possible. Workers under the age of 18, should also inform their parents or caregiver. If needed, get emergency medical treatment. Your boss or supervisor must give you a claim form. You need to complete this and hand it back to your employer. By doing so, you will be eligible for worker’s compensation payments.

Worker’s compensation, which your employer must provide for you, will pay for medical care related to your work related injury. If you miss work for 3 days, or are hospitalized overnight, you will receive payment for lost wages. If you are permanently disabled, you will receive extra benefits.

You can ask your supervisor for more information about worker’s compensation.