Keeping safe in the workplace is largely a matter of common sense. That, however, is often an uncommon quality on the job. Keep safe by doing the basics well. Wear proper shoes. Use glasses and face shields when needed. Use ear protection when around loud noises or equipment. Wash your hands before handling food or touching your eyes or mouth. Carefully read product labels. Give your full focus to the task at hand.

Make sure that you have received thorough training before operating a piece of equipment for the first time. Be aware of the actions and attitudes of other workers. New workers may be unfamiliar with common workplace hazards, while older employees may develop a relaxed attitude toward them.

If you notice that another worker is affected by drugs or alcohol on the job, speak up. Turning a blind eye out of a misguided sense of loyalty could result in a major workplace accident occurring.

Always thoroughly inspect tools and equipment before you use them. If they are not safe to operate, do not do so, even if you are being pressured to get on with the job.

Do not allow yourself to be pressured into rushing a job. Take your time and do it properly and safely.