Learning how to deal with workplace stress can prevent physical and emotional health problems. Recognize the signs of stress and then track what is causing the stressful situation. Prioritize and organize in order to help create a balance between your personal and work life. Get regular exercise and eat healthy foods. Ensure that there is a healthy line of communication in the workplace. Establish boundaries by not over committing yourself.

One way to mitigate stress at work is to work on developing positive relationships with others. When it is time for a work break, rather than immediately engaging with your Smart phone, get into the habit of engaging with your colleagues. Talking over the issues that are causing you anxiety can help to reduce your level of stress regarding them.

Work on developing friendships with some of your co-workers. Listen empathetically to them when they need a listening ear. It is also essential to have a solid network of friends and family outside of the work environment.

It is important to get a good night's sleep in order to combat the effects of stress. Aim for eight hours per night. Try to establish a regular pattern of sleep and make sure that your bedroom is technology free and as dark as possible.