Wearing gloves is just one aspect of protecting your hands on the job. Any scrapes or scratches that break the skin have the potential to cause an infection. Every time you get a scratch you should tend to it, rather than ignoring it. Clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water. After that, disinfect it with waterless hand cleanser or disinfectant. Then put a plaster or bandage over the wound to keep it clean.

Rings should not be worn at work. You should also never use your bare hands to brush or shave metal shavings from a work surface. Instead, use a brush, broom or dustpan. Be very aware of sharp corners. Before grabbing hold of an object, check for sharp edges, and also watch for pinch points. When stacking boxes or similar objects, keep your fingers to the sides to ensure they do not get caught between stacked boxes. Always keep your hands away from moving machinery.

Always be aware of where your hands are situated when working with machinery. When cutting, drilling or grinding, ensure that your hands and fingers are well away from the travel route of the machine in case of slippage. Be aware of items that could slip out of position or fall and make sure your hands will not be caught underneath.