Independent safety audits can be used to identify risks. The term independent here refers to those who are not employees of the organization being audited, but who, from time to time, undertake either general or special workplace audits or inspections. Such independent persons may include:

  • Engineer surveyors – insurance company personnel undertaking statutory inspection of boilers, pressure vessels, lifting tackle, etc. They are employed by the organization as ‘competent persons’
  • Employer’s liability surveyors – insurance company personnel undertaking general health and safety inspections in connection with employer’s liability insurance
  • Claims investigators – insurance company personnel investigating either accidents in connection with injury or damage claims under insurance policies
  • Insurance broker personnel – risk management or technical consultants undertaking inspections in connection with heath and safety, fire, or engineering insurance as part of client servicing
  • Outside consultants – undertaking specific investigations on a fee paying basis. For example, noise or environmental surveys may be commissioned if the expertise is not available within the organization. Trade association may be of assistance in this area
  • Health and Safety Executive – factory inspectors undertaking either general surveys or specific accident investigations

With all of the above there is a need to coordinate their independent findings to ensure that action is promptly taken to control any risks identified.