Not In My BackYard

Last updated: February 12, 2017

What Does Not In My BackYard Mean?

Not in my back yard (NIMBY) is a phrase that has entered the general lexicon referring to any person who opposes the development of a project close to where they reside. There is a connotation that the person objecting feels that the initiative will be good for society, but does not want it to take place in his neighborhood.

Safeopedia Explains Not In My BackYard

Not in my back yard (NIMBY) opposition often happens with regard to hazardous waste dumps or radioactive material storage. It is also used with regard to desirable projects including schools and shopping malls, as the complainant feels these amenities are situated too close to their home and may come with negative consequences. Negative consequences might refer to increased traffic. The project objected to is generally intended for the benefit of the public.


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