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Gas Monitors

What Does Gas Monitors Mean?

Gas monitors are devices used to monitor and alert employees to the presence of toxic and combustible gases as well as oxygen-deficient environments that may pose a threat to human health and safety.

The need for gas monitors is specified in CFR 1910.146, which specifies the safety measures required in permit-required confined spaces, as well as CFR 1910.120, which deals with the safety precautions required in hazardous waste and emergency response situations. Specific regulations also apply to the use of gas monitors in grain handling facilities.

Safeopedia Explains Gas Monitors

Certain tasks and occupations expose workers to hazards related to the buildup of harmful gases and depleted oxygen in enclosed spaces. Gas monitors are required in order to warn workers as to potential gas-related risks prior to entry, and these must be programed in accordance with OSHA guidelines. Specific documentation is required as proof that companies maintain, calibrate and program gas monitors in accordance with OSHA guidelines.


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