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Environmental Monitoring

Definition - What does Environmental Monitoring mean?

Environmental monitoring involves the assessment of the quality of the environment in order to control the risk of pollution.

It is used as the basis of the production of environmental impact assessments. This information is then used to study environmental trends and to quantify the current state of the environment.

Safeopedia explains Environmental Monitoring

Assessments through environmental monitoring are subject to statistical analysis. Environmental monitoring utilizes specialized equipment and specific monitoring methods to get the most accurate recording of pollutant levels.

Environmental monitoring takes the form of air, soil, and water monitoring. Air monitors are used to identify the air quality and the levels of pollution. Soil monitoring requires the collection of soil samples to be analyzed and tested in a laboratory setting. This may be by way of grab sampling or composite sampling. Water monitoring may take the form of chemical, biological, radiological, or microbiological testing.

The sampling method used depends on the type of environment, the sampling material, and the future use of the data collected.

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