Bottled Gas


Definition - What does Bottled Gas mean?

Bottled gas is the name applied to a substance that is gaseous in nature at standard temperature and pressure, and compressed into a cylinder. Cylinders are typically made of carbon steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. Gas bottles are often made of a composite mixture of these materials.

A gas may be in one of four states when bottled: it remains a gas at standard temperature, but increased pressure; it liquifies at standard temperature, but increased pressure; it is dissolved in a solvent; it is liquified at reduced temperature and increased pressure.

Safeopedia explains Bottled Gas

The contents of bottled gas are highly pressurized and potentially hazardous. As a result, special handling considerations should be observed. Bottles should be chained to prevent breakage from falls. They should also be adequately ventilated in cases of a gas leak. Signage should also be provided to alert people to the potential hazard. In the United States, color coding of bottled gas is not required by law.

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