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Cut-Resistant Gloves

Last updated: June 13, 2019

What Does Cut-Resistant Gloves Mean?

Cut-resistant gloves are a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) specifically designed to protect hands from cuts or lacerations due to contact with various cutting machines, equipment, tools, or sharp-edged items such as knives, blades, metals, glass, or ceramics.

Cut-resistant gloves are made of special composite materials in combination with stainless steel mesh, fiberglass, and synthetic high-performance yarns.

Safeopedia Explains Cut-Resistant Gloves

Cut-resistant gloves come in varying thicknesses and are made of one or more of the following fibers and materials combined with rubber/polymer:

  • Steel core —a cut- and abrasion-resistant material
  • Metal mesh—made of stainless steel and is cut- and puncture-resistant
  • Fiber metal blends—durable, cut- and abrasion-resistant
  • Kevlar aramid fiber—flexible and lightweight, five times stronger than steel, flame-resistant up to 427°C
  • Spectra fiber—flexible, cut- and abrasion-resistant even when wet; It is 10 times stronger than steel per unit weight.
  • Dyneema—floats on water, durable and resistant to moisture and chemicals; It is 15 times stronger than steel.
  • Super fabric—flexible; puncture-, cut-, and abrasion-resistant

Cut-resistant gloves are evaluated against the standards set by ISO 13997:1999 and the European standard EN388.


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