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Supported Gloves

Last updated: June 13, 2019

What Does Supported Gloves Mean?

Supported gloves are a type of hand protecting gloves made of a coated fabric. Usually, the supported gloves are made by dipping a knitted or woven cloth liner into a liquid glove compound such as nitrile or neoprene. The liner supports the coating and adds strength. This kind of glove offers great protection against solvents and chemicals. It also resists abrasions, cuts and punctures. The glove shell can be dipped into a polymer or the material can be dipped into a polymer before the glove is sewn. The work applications determine which glove will provide the best protection.

Safeopedia Explains Supported Gloves

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations specify that employers are responsible for selecting the appropriate hand protection for the work being performed, workplace conditions, extent of use, and the presence of potential hazards. Most heavy-duty work in mechanical or chemical industries requires the use of supported gloves.

Supported gloves are reliable PPE for a hazardous workplace as they are provided with a broad spectrum of resistance (mechanical, chemical or thermal) and grip dry, wet or oily substances according to the material and construction specifications used.The gloves are ergonomically designed to fit the usual hand shape and to make them less laborious to put on.


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