High-Visibility Safety Gloves

Last updated: June 29, 2019

What Does High-Visibility Safety Gloves Mean?

High-visibility safety gloves are a type of safety glove that increases the visibility of the wearer and is intended for use by workers who operate in the same environment as moving vehicles. They are typically made with high-visibility coloring (e.g. fluorescent yellow) and retroreflective material, and they provide dual hazard-control functionality by both protecting workers from injury due to specific mechanical hazards (e.g. punctures, cuts) and reducing their risk of being struck by a moving vehicle.

High-visibility gloves are considered a visibility-enhancing accessory under the ANSI 107 consensus standard that OSHA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) use to inform worker-visibility safety requirements. This means that while they are an optional garment that is not necessary to meet the standard, they are still recognized as a valid part of a visibility safety program both within the context of the ANSI standard and by relevant health and safety authorities.

Safeopedia Explains High-Visibility Safety Gloves

The ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 standard describes criteria for a number of different categories of high-visibility apparel, including accessories such as gloves. Additionally, high-visibility safety gloves must meet the same requirements that any non-high-visibility safety glove would need to meet in order to be standards-certified as providing protection against a specific type of hazard, such as a puncture or abrasion.

High-visibility safety gloves are not counted as part of the calculations used to determine if an employee’s apparel is compliant with the ANSI 107 standard; however, the standard does address safety gloves and provides minimum requirements for a glove to be considered ANSI 107-certified. As accessories, these gloves can be used with any configuration of high-visibility apparel and within any environment.

The recognition of safety gloves under ANSI 107 acknowledges their use as an effective risk-control method. Both OSHA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recognize ANSI 107 as a source for describing safety-compliant behavior related to worker visibility; therefore, the provision of ANSI 107-compliant gloves to employees may be viewed by these agencies as supporting evidence of an employer’s due diligence efforts related to ensuring employee safety.


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