Finger Tape

Last updated: November 13, 2018

What Does Finger Tape Mean?

Finger tape is a first aid item designed for the purpose of splinting and taping together fingers that may be broken or dislocated. This is to ensure that proper functional movement of the finger and/or hand is preserved, and the finger or hand bones and soft tissue can heal in a way that ensures proper functional movement after healing. There are specific first aid techniques to address broken or dislocated fingers that can be performed by a non-specialist with finger tape.

Safeopedia Explains Finger Tape

The most common use for finger tape is referred to as buddy taping. This is taping the damaged finger to the strongest adjacent finger. This prevents loss of natural finger movement in the damaged finger while healing, but it also helps to avoid unnecessary rigidity in the damaged finger, which causes stiffness. Some finger tapes are designed for other additional uses in mind, such as boxing or martial arts and climbing. ANSI and OSHA provide specifications for the design and use of first aid equipment, which should be complied with when choosing first aid equipment like finger tape.


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