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Safety Risk Assessment

Last updated: October 30, 2017

What Does Safety Risk Assessment Mean?

A safety risk assessment is a systematic procedure for identifying and managing hazards. It encompasses thorough examination of the entire work environment, processes and equipment to determine any hazard to the health of the employees in the short or long term and implementing remedies.

Safeopedia Explains Safety Risk Assessment

Safety risk assessments are essential for protecting employees, businesses and complying with the law. Assessments promote employee awareness regarding workplace hazards, aide in identifying personnel at risk, determine existing control measures and thier adequacy, prevent illness and injuries, and prioritize hazards and their control measures.

Safety risk assessments are usually conducted at the beginning of a new project, when a new or renovated machine or new or an amended process is to be implemented, when a machine is relocated, appointment of new employees, introduction of new raw materials or on receipt of new information about a product.

Safety assessments consist of the following stages:

  • Identifying a hazard
  • Collecting information and analyzing risk associated with it
  • Determining how to remove or reduce its effect by completely eliminating the process or equipment
  • Replacement with a better equipment or process
  • Using advanced technology or design and physically isolating processes or direct contact of user by the use of appropriate collective or personal protective equipment


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