Risk Reduction Techniques

Last updated: December 28, 2018

What Does Risk Reduction Techniques Mean?

Risk reduction techniques refer to systematic methods of reducing risks in the workplace. The ideal method of reducing risk is by design rather than procedures, preventive measures, training, and limiting of operation and managerial controls. Risk reduction techniques cover the risk identification, reduction options and their implementation.

Safeopedia Explains Risk Reduction Techniques

Risk reduction techniques include a systematic approach as follows:

  • Identifying the risk – who, what, which, where, when, whether and how etc.
  • Assessing the risk – who, what, which, where, when and how etc.
  • Reducing the risk – eliminating the cause of risk
  • Reduce the risk by engineering – modification, redesigning, optimizing the impact (balancing between risk and benefit) etc.
  • Reduce the risk by managerial controls (evolved from human factors)
  • Record and evaluate

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