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Fixed Interlocked Automatic & Trip (FIAT)

Last updated: October 21, 2018

What Does Fixed Interlocked Automatic & Trip (FIAT) Mean?

Fixed, automatic, interlock and trip are different methods of machine safe guarding. Guards are barriers which prevent access to danger areas. The appropriate safeguarding method for a particular machine will be determined by the type of operation, the size and shape of the stock, the layout of the work area, and the production requirements and limitations. Guard design needs to ensure that there is no interference with visibility.

Safeopedia Explains Fixed Interlocked Automatic & Trip (FIAT)

A fixed guard is a permanent part of the machine and is not dependent on other moving parts to perform it's function. An interlocking guard utilizes a tripping device, which automatically powers off the machine when it is triggered. Adjustable guards allow the user flexibility to adjust the guard in accord with the size of stock. A trip guard has barriers that automatically open and close in accord with the movement of stock.



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