TPI Fans

Last updated: January 30, 2015

What Does TPI Fans Mean?

TPI fans are a product manufactured by TPI Corporation, known as America’s Comfort Conditioning company. They manufacture electric heating and cooling systems as well as lighting and industrial grade ovens. Catering for both the residential and the commercial sectors. They produce a wide variety of fans, including standalone, box and oscillating fans.

Safeopedia Explains TPI Fans

One of the reasons these fans are popular with commercial business is they have a high energy efficiency rating. The company prides itself on all the energy used by their fans and/or heaters are converted into cool/hot air. They also do not release any carbon monoxide into the room, meaning they are the safest cooling system to use in workplaces where many flammable liquids and vapours are used. Fans vary in price, from a small portable fan for under $100 to larger, to high powered fans which sell in excess of $1000.


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