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By: Tabitha Mishra
| Last updated: April 7, 2022

What Does Pre-Filter Mean?

A pre-filter is a filtering device that removes large particles from the air before it reaches the main filter, including dust, hair, insects, pollen, and various fibers.

Air purifying equipment outfitted with pre-filters are used in buildings, transports, public areas, and in various workplaces. Pre-filters are also used in respirators.

Safeopedia Explains Pre-Filter

Pre-filters not only provide an additional line of defense against airborne particulate matter, but also protect the main filter from particulates that could clog or damage it. Pre-filters are a cost-saving measure since they extend the useful life of the costlier main filters.

The Importance of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers have various workplace uses.

They can be installed in facilities as a way to improve indoor air quality. Various hazards like toxic vapors or fumes can also be controlled with adequate ventilation and filtration.

Air purifiers also aid in creating sterile environments for medical facilities or cleanroom facilities used in laboratories, pharmaceutical production, and electronics manufacturing.

Portable respirators also use air filtration to protect wearers from various respirable hazards, ranging from dusts and molds to noxious fumes.

Types of Pre-Filters

The most common pre-filters are made of fabric or paper products that can be easily cleaned.

Others include:

  • Pre-filtration screens
  • Spongy materials
  • Statically charged collection grids
  • Activated carbon filters

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