Accident Causation

Last updated: April 4, 2018

What Does Accident Causation Mean?

Accident causation refers to the factors that are the primary reasons behind an accident. For occupational health and safety professionals, determining causation factors in any workplace injury or accident is key. Understanding what caused an unsafe situation to occur is important in implementing measures to help prevent a reoccurrence.

Safeopedia Explains Accident Causation

Accident causation factors can be described as the factors whose elimination can eliminate hazards or accidents. Multiple factors can cause an accident, including human factors, mechanical factors and environmental factors.

  • Human factors can include loss of sleep, inattention or a lack of knowledge about safety measures
  • Mechanical factors can include faulty equipment, or using equipment other than the way in which it is intended
  • Environmental factors can include excessive heat/cold, low-light conditions and slippery floors

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