Mechanical Factors Causing Accidents

Last updated: April 15, 2018

What Does Mechanical Factors Causing Accidents Mean?

Mechanical factors causing accidents are factors that are directly attributable to machine or equipment failure or breakdown. Generally, accidents caused by mechanical factors are preventable.

Safeopedia Explains Mechanical Factors Causing Accidents

Mechanical factors that cause accidents total less than 10% of the number of industrial accidents. These are caused by a number of factors that are reasonably controllable.

Mechanical failures that have the potential to cause accidents include:

  • Power failure – total or partial input/output power failure
  • Broken or damaged part – within the engine or machine due to poor quality metal part
  • Fire breakout – within the engine or machine due to cooling failure or spark
  • Explosion – due to high pressure or uncontrollable situation
  • Fuel factor – poor quality or no fuel may lead to stop the engine
  • Mechanical mismatch – due to timer or mechanical malfunction
  • Linkage failure – shaft, gear, coupling, belt, chain broken or failure
  • System leakage – in the pressurized air or fluid system such as hydraulic power
  • Fair wear and tear – due to old age
  • Control system failure – mechanical, electrical or electronic
  • Circuit or program malfunction – due to printed circuit board or electronic component failure

The mechanical failures that would otherwise cause accidents are preventable to some extent by the following actions:

  • Planned maintenance – daily, weekly, monthly or operation hour based maintenance
  • Repair of defective parts – once detected must be repaired or replaced
  • Standard operating procedure to be followed – checks, sequences and other instructions
  • Test before use – engines or vehicles must be tested when stationary
  • Regular inspections – as per routine and standard operating procedures
  • Correct diagnosis and maintenance – as soon a defect is detected

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