Internal Investigation

Last updated: May 18, 2019

What Does Internal Investigation Mean?

An internal investigation is a formal inquiry to determine whether workplace policies or regulatory practices have been violated. Investigations commonly follow a complaint, an allegation, a suspicion of misconduct, fraud, harassment accusations, or any number of other reasons, many of which are covered under federal or state laws.

Safeopedia Explains Internal Investigation

Internal investigations are carried out to uncover the truth about alleged misconduct within an organization. This must be done without compromising the relationship with employees or unnecessarily damaging anyone's reputation. That involves good planning, consistent execution, analytical skill, and an understanding of the legalities involved. Procedural recommendations and best-practice tips can be used to apply new or revised safety guidelines to minimize the occurrence of such incidents in the future.

The process of an internal investigation consists of:

  • collection and examination of written or recorded evidence,
  • interviews with employees and witnesses, and
  • computer and network forensic examinations.

Internal investigations are an integral part of an effective compliance program as they remove the cause of the reported problem.


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