Eye Redness

Definition - What does Eye Redness mean?

Eye redness is a symptom of exposure to chemical irritants, eye abrasion, poor indoor air quality (pollutants or too low humidity), eye strain or allergies, infections, dry-eye syndrome and other physiological problems. Most often, only the superficial epithelium of the cornea is damaged in the case of eye abrasion, but if the Bowman’s membrane beneath it is damaged, permanent damage may result. If eye injuries are reported, the employee should be examined by a medical doctor.

Safeopedia explains Eye Redness

Eye injuries are a common workplace hazard, hence the need for eye protection when dealing with hazardous chemicals or when there is a chance of impact injury. Workplace air quality should be monitored, particularly in enclosed spaces, to ensure that problems such as dry-eye and allergies are not aggravated or caused. Excessively dry air, excessive sun exposure, dust and other windblown particles can also cause corneal abrasions that result in red eyes. An eye strain might be caused by computer screens or video terminals, which can result in eye redness. This can be addressed through work station design, equipment design and adequate lighting.

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