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Eye Trauma

Last updated: January 6, 2019

What Does Eye Trauma Mean?

Eye trauma is damage that results from direct physical injury to the eye. Despite its name, incidents of eye trauma also tend to affect the surrounding area, including the adjacent skin and bone structure.

Eye trauma can range in severity from minor, inconvenient, and unpleasant injuries to serious medical emergencies that can leave the injured worker with permanent eye damage.

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Safeopedia Explains Eye Trauma

Some possible effects of eye trauma include defects in vision, restricted eye movements, detachment from the retina, and a pupil that does not return to its resting size. Blows to the eye can also cause it to compress and retract, which can result in blood collecting under the eye.

Since the eye is such a vulnerable and sensitive organ, every case of eye trauma should receive medical attention, no matter how minor it appears to be.

The best defense against eye trauma in the workplace is the diligent use of appropriate protective eyewear when undertaking any tasks that could put the eyes at risk.


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