Eye Protector

Definition - What does Eye Protector mean?

An eye protector is an article of personal protective equipment (PPE) that protects the eyes from harmful rays, intense lights, dusts, flying particles, wind blasts, heat, sprays and splashes of water, chemicals and from direct impacts during sports and swimming. Some eye protectors are shatter proof, while some are anti-fog.

Eye protectors are also called goggles, eye shields, safety glasses or visors.

Safeopedia explains Eye Protector

Eye protectors are generally made of the following materials:

  • Polycarbonate - impact and scratch resistant, ultra violet (UV) radiation protective and lightweight
  • Plastics - lightweight, solvent resistant and color or tinting coating
  • Tryvex - impact resistant and anti- UV radiation
  • Glass - heavy lenses, inexpensive

Eye protectors are essential when engaging in the following operations:

  • Welding and cutting, laser and other bright light emitting work
  • Firefighting and HAZMAT handling, chemical processing and lab work
  • Electrical work, plumbing, mining, construction, auto repair and manufacturing
  • Work that involves chipping, drilling, scaling, grinding, polishing, buffing, riveting, punching, shearing, crushing, heavy sawing, wire and strip handling, hammering, unpacking, nailing, lathe work, etc.

Eye protectors needed to be of the correct size and meet the work specifications prescribed. For best results, eye protection must fit properly to the face of the user. The frame of the eye protector should fit close to the face and be supported by the bridge of the nose.

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