Flammable Aerosol

Last updated: February 19, 2017

What Does Flammable Aerosol Mean?

A flammable aerosol is an aerosol that contains a component that is classified as flammable, whether it is liquid, gas or solid. There are two categories of flammable aerosols. A Category 1 flammable gas contains 85% or less flammable components. A Category 2 flammable gas contains less than 1% flammable components. These categories are also based upon technical criteria, such as the heat of combustion, ignition test distance, flame height and flame durability.

Safeopedia Explains Flammable Aerosol

Flammable aerosols include spray paints and adhesives. Flammable aerosols can be very hazardous. Spray paints and aerosol solvents should be used with caution in order to avoid accidental ignition by a heat source or open flame. Empty aerosol cans should not be thrown on a fire, as there is a risk of explosion. There is a possibility that a flammable aerosol may flash back into the container, resulting in an explosion. Flammable aerosols should be left in a liquid storage cabinet.


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