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Flammable Liquid

Last updated: June 6, 2018

What Does Flammable Liquid Mean?

A flammable liquid is any liquid whose automatic ignition point or flash point is below 38 °C or 100 °F. When vapors of a flammable liquid are combined with air in the right ratio, rapid combustion may occur in the presence of ignition. As a result of this danger, flammable liquids need to be stored and handled according to applicable health and safety regulations.

Safeopedia Explains Flammable Liquid

Flammable liquids include acetone, biodiesel, diesel, ethanol and gasoline, among many others. Because the vapors of these liquids ignite and burn easily, strict storage requirements must be met. These liquids are further classified according to their flash points and boiling points, and these classifications are used to determine safe storage and handling practices.



Flammable Liquids

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