Flammable Solid

Last updated: August 27, 2017

What Does Flammable Solid Mean?

A flammable solid is a solid object that is combustible or that may be a contributor to a fire through friction or brief contact with a source of ignition. The most combustible solids are powdered, granular or pasty chemicals.

The two categories of flammable solid are Category 1 and Category 2. Category 1 flammable solids are metals and compounds that burn quickly and are hard to extinguish by water, such as cerium. Category 2 flammable solids are metals and compounds that burn more slowly and can be quickly extinguished by water, such as aluminum powder.

Flammable solids are identified with a flame pictogram.

Safeopedia Explains Flammable Solid

Flammable solids can be divided into three broad groups according to their hazard or material type. These groups are:

  • Flammable metals
  • Intense burning solids that are hard to extinguish
  • Flash point solids

Flammable metals require an ignition source, and their reactivity and ignitability is influenced by particle size and shape. Intense burning solids are chemicals containing nitrogen and oxygen, which contribute to their propensity to burn intensely and be difficult to extinguish. Flash point solids are a small group of materials that can change into a vapor without passing through a liquid state and, as a result, ignite in a manner similar to combustible liquids. Ignition at flash point causes them to melt and flow similar to a liquid.


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