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New Employee Orientation

Last updated: March 2, 2019

What Does New Employee Orientation Mean?

New employee orientation, or job orientation, is the process by which new employees are hired on and integrated into the culture, mission, vision, policies of a company. It is also the time that day to day procedural activities and safety awareness and education are addressed and explained. Job orientation often takes place as an intensive half or full day training session; however, employee orientation should be an ongoing process as new staff members increasingly gain confidence in their position.

Safeopedia Explains New Employee Orientation

For new employee orientation, an effective program would be customized to accommodate for the employees' own culture, background, and experience. It should include practical information delivered by the company payroll, office, safety, and IT managers. The company history, values, mission statement, vision and code of ethics should all be deconstructed as part of the orientation process. New employees should also be thoroughly versed in compliance and safety procedures relating to their position.



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