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Job Security

Last updated: March 3, 2018

What Does Job Security Mean?

Job security is a concept that refers to the real or perceived probability that an individual will keep his or her job. An employee’s job security can be impacted by the terms of work that are described in the employment contract, by legislation governing labor termination in the jurisdiction he or she works in, by labor organizations such as unions, and by economic conditions.

Employees may also feel more or less secure depending on the behavior of their employer.

Safeopedia Explains Job Security

The Canadian Mental Health Association states that real or perceived job insecurity is a significant source of workplace stress and has a negative impact on workplace health and productivity. Workplace stress has been identified as a major negative factor on employee health. Stress in the workplace is associated with reduced productivity due to absenteeism, illness, mental illness, lowered wellness, poor safety decisions, and reduced compliance with safety procedures. Stress related to job security may be caused by recognition of real factors that endanger job security or by improper management practices that create a feeling of insecurity in employees.

The protection of employee job security is an important aspect of occupational health and safety regulation enforcement. OSHA regulations in the United States, as well as the regulations of governmental health and safety organizations in many other jurisdictions, protect the job security of employees who report injuries, illnesses, or problems with workplace safety. These regulations do not allow employers to discourage workers from reporting health and safety issues, and they also prohibit retaliation against workers for doing so.



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