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5 Why Analysis

Last updated: June 5, 2017

What Does 5 Why Analysis Mean?

5-why-analysis is a group analysis method designed to get to the root of a problem quickly. The strategy requires that technical experts be present to analyze the symptoms to identify the root cause. The technique involves asking why with regards to a problem, getting an answer, then continuing to ask why in order to uncover layers of the issue, eventually revealing the root cause of the issue.

Safeopedia Explains 5 Why Analysis

The five-why-analysis method does not necessarily require or limit itself to asking 'why' five times. The idea is to keep asking why until the root cause of the problem is established. The analysis is based upon the premise that root causes are often caused by a lack of robust systems or processes and that there is no set process to work through. After establishing what the root cause is, the team is then able to work systematically towards a solution.


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