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Event Tree

What Does Event Tree Mean?

An event tree is an analytical, diagrammatic representation of an event tree analysis study. An event tree displays a chronological series of subsequent events or consequences based on the analysis of an initiating event.

Event tree analysis provides a model for examining the possible outcomes from a single event. It is an inductive, logical evaluation that projects forward in time or predicts a causal chain of events in order to model risk. This is a very useful system for use in the workplace as it allows you to identify the consequences of an initiating event. It is used extensively in power plants, spacecrafts, and chemical plants.

Safeopedia Explains Event Tree

An event tree analysis contrasts with a fault tree analysis (FTA), which are deductive and assume a given hazard. However, fault tree analysis is often used in conjunction with event tree analysis in order to quantify sequences with the event tree process. Event tree analysis takes place early on in the design process as a way of identifying potential problem areas.


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