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Lethal Concentration 50 (LC50)

What Does Lethal Concentration 50 (LC50) Mean?

The lethal concentration 50 (LC50) is the concentration of a chemical that will kill 50 percent of the sample population under scrutiny. The lethal concentration is usually applied to chemicals that are breathed into the body. It is contrasted with the lethal dose 50 (LD50), which is the dosage of a chemical that will kill 50 percent of a sample population when it is swallowed, taken through skin contact or injected into the body.

Safeopedia Explains Lethal Concentration 50 (LC50)

The lethal concentration 50 experiment usually involves a sample group of animals being exposed to a concentration of a chemical for a period of four hours. If they do not die during that time, they are observed for the next 14 days. The concentration of the chemical in the air that kills 50 percent of the population during that 14 day period is the lethal concentration 50 (LC50).


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