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Lethal Dose Low (LDLO)

What Does Lethal Dose Low (LDLO) Mean?

The lethal dose low is the lowest dosage of a compound that is introduced to the human body or that of an animal by any means apart from inhalation that will cause the death of the individual. The dosage may be taken in over any period of time in one or more portions. The dose is administered under controlled conditions and is recorded per unit of bodyweight.

Safeopedia Explains Lethal Dose Low (LDLO)

The lethal dose low is a less than reliable indicator of the toxicity of the substance due to such variable factors as the genetic characteristics of the sample population, the species type that has been tested, factors in the environment and the method of administration.

Related to the Lethal Dose Low is the Lethal Dose 50, which is the concentration of a compound which will kill 50 percent of a population.


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