Are you looking for some new ideas to brief your crew with, or want to become a safer worker? Regardless of your industry it is always helpful to stay up to date with safe work procedures through safety moments. Safety moments can make the difference between life and death, even if they are only used as a refresher to increase knowledge of certain areas on a job. Most accidents happen to people who do not know the hazards of a task or job, and it is only through increased knowledge that you will live and work safer.

Halliburton, one of the largest multinational companies in the world, has over 27 pages of safety moments for people to learn from. Why? Imagine being an overseas worker and being introduced to all the new and foreign equipment that is unique to their operations. It might be kind of confusing, huh? To ensure that their new workers are up to speed, they have detailed plenty of safety materials so there are no excuses for working unsafe.

Many other companies also maintain an active list of safety moments, or safety reminders, to keep workers on the job focused and prepared. Even passersby and bystanders near a workplace or work zone can be affected, and reviewing safety moments, whether they are in your industry or not, can be a wise move. For example, there are high-rise buildings under construction in almost every major city in the world, and people walk by these areas every day without doing safety checks or using common sense. As a result some people have died from falling objects, been injured and lost time because of roadblocks. Being aware of your surroundings and making safe decisions as a result could have made the difference for those people who may have been able to cross the street into a safe zone to minimize hazards. Thus, regardless of your occupation or industry, it is good to review a cross-section of safety moments in the event that you are ever in an area that may have potential hazards — without the knowledge to foresee the hazards, you won’t be able to get into a safe zone!

The following is a list that can be used to give you starting points for learning more about safety moments, so feel free to take a topic and begin an exploratory journey into each topic and the safety aspects they include:

  • Lifting and Hoisting — Save your back and prevent injuries by learning the proper techniques

  • Hand Tools — Learn more about the hazards posed by hand tools prior to operation

  • Dropping Objects — Dropping heavy objects can hit a toe, or a co-worker, so get in the know!

  • Heights — Gravity is a powerful force, so harness up!

  • Chemistry and Carelessness Don't Mix — Don’t mix chemicals unless you know what you are doing

  • Confined Spaces — Learn about the dangers of confined spaces

  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) — This is a must for any job!

  • Permit to Work — Learn about the requirements needed to work in an area

  • Driving Safety — Driving safety differs from place to place, and on worksites, so brush up!

  • Secure Your Loads — Learn about what determines a secure load

  • Know Your Signs — Signs are critical to safety, so learn the sign and its meaning

  • Pressure Awareness — Learn about the various levels of pressure to know what is harmful

  • Know Your Exits — Knowing where to exit an accident zone is of the utmost of importance

  • Stop Work Authority — Who has the authority to stop work?

  • See it, Own it — See a problem, fix it, and don’t wait for someone else to do it!

  • Distracted Driving — Distracted driving can include a number of things, so get up to speed

  • Ladder Safety — A common cause of accidents is from careless ladder use. Learn proper use techniques

  • Driver Fatigue - You owe it to yourself and others on the road to take a rest, even for a little while, if you are starting to get careless from fatigue

These safety moments should give you a good start on getting updated on some examples of how you can become a more safety conscious leader. As an excellent starting point to review for personal reasons, or as a daily topic at the safety meeting, you will be sure to learn a lot about how to be safe if you research these safety moments in finer detail.

Remember, safety is more important than cutting corners and saving time and making money. All your hard work could be in vain if an accident happens! Remember that next time you are trying to cut corners and you may even save a life in the process.