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Workplace Inspection

Last updated: April 28, 2018

What Does Workplace Inspection Mean?

A workplace inspection is the process of critically examining the workplace for the identification and mitigation of workplace hazards and to ensure that all standards are met and the workplace is in fact safe and free from any risks. Workplace inspections are an ongoing process that play an important role in actively monitoring an organization's safety and adherence to safe practices.

Safeopedia Explains Workplace Inspection

The inspection process involves various people, such as health and safety specialists, managers, supervisors, and members of health and safety management committees, depending upon the type and frequency of inspection. The inspection process mainly focuses on four key areas:

  • People: Workers, their behavior and methods
  • Plant: Machinery, equipment and vehicles
  • Premises: The workplace itself and the working environment
  • Procedures: The methodologies, safe system of work and permit-to-work system

The frequency of inspection depends upon the nature of work being done, the materials, substances and equipment involved in the work process and the procedures being followed. Depending on these factors, inspections may be carried out daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually or annually.


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