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Machine Guards

Last updated: October 21, 2018

What Does Machine Guards Mean?

Machine guards are protective devices that cover moving pieces of machinery that may pose a danger to workers. Moving machine parts present a hazard to machine operators and flying debris can affect anyone in the vicinity of a machine. As a result, industrial machines are required by law to have guards that protect workers from the risk of injury while they are at work. If at any time, the guard has to be removed in order for maintenance to take place, all systems should be completely powered down to ensure that injuries cannot take place while the guard is not in position.

Safeopedia Explains Machine Guards

Although machines help us to perform tasks we would not otherwise be able to accomplish, they present a severe risk of workplace injuries and can be responsible for crushed limbs, amputations, burns or eye-injuries. According to legislation, any machine part that could be responsible for causing an injury must be guarded. Machine guards are the primary line of defense between workers and their machines and it is essential that they be in place and properly secured during operation in order to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. Typically, guards are seen on machines like saws, or any other reciprocating tool.


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