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Bubba Wolford

Director Education & Training

About Bubba Wolford

Bubba Wolford received his MS in Exercise Physiology from Mississippi State University 1991. He joined Sqwincher in 2009, serving now as Director of Corporate Accounts, where he spearheads promoting the importance of proper hydration within the Industrial Workplace to key corporate accounts.

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The Sqwincher Corporation HQ
1409 US-45
Columbus , MS , 39740
[email protected]

Articles by Bubba Wolford

Electrolytes need to be replenished throughout the work day. Find out what they do for your body and how to keep your electrolyte levels up.
Most people don't realize that working in cold weather conditions can cause dehydration. Find out why and what you can do about it.
Staying hydrated in the dead of winter can be a challenge. Find out why and how to avoid winter dehydration.
Hydration is important all year round, but even more for these workplaces and workers. Find out who is at higher risk of dehydration regardless of the time of year.
Hot summer days aren't the only contributors to heat stress. Find out which other factors you need to watch out for.
Preventing heat stress involves more than just drinking water. Check out these surprising things you can do to stay safe while working in the heat.
Heat itself is a hazard, but it also contributes to other incidents. Find out how and what you can do about it.
Heavy PPE isn't always optional and neither is hydration. Find out how to avoid dehydration while sweating it out in heavy gear.
Work being carried out in confined spaces, manufacturing facilities, or outdoors? That can increase the risk of dehydration. Find out what to do about it.
Fluid intake is only one factor in preventing dehydration. Find out what other factors play an important role.
Dehydration is a health and safety issue. Find out what you need to know about keeping workers hydrated.
Feeling thirsty isn't the only sign of dehydration. Learn what to watch for and when to take action.
We can learn a lot about hydration by studying the people who push their bodies to the limit. Find out what research on athletic performance can teach us about...
Everyone knows it's important to avoid dehydration, but not everyone knows why. Learn about the (often scary) outcomes of excess fluid loss.
Staying hydrated isn't just good for your body. It's good for your brain, too. Find out what happens to your cognition and mood when you start getting dehydrated.
Preventing dehydration at work starts with understanding how hydration works. Here is a breakdown of what you need to know.
It's not just the heat. Here are some conditions that could put workers at higher risk of dehydration - without them even realizing it.

Q&A by Bubba Wolford

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