Last updated: March 25, 2019

What Does Weather Mean?

Weather is defined as the state of the atmosphere, with respect to temperature, wind, rain, snow etc.. This includes any meteorological condition that is evident in an environment and may influence a certain area, the materials in that area and the wildlife or human population in that location. This term is often used to describe only extreme atmospheric conditions in a negative sense, which may be detrimental or dangerous.

Safeopedia Explains Weather

Extreme atmospheric conditions can cause weathering or a breakdown of materials in an area such as rock. Extreme weather can be hazardous to humans or animal life, as with hurricanes, storms, strong winds, extreme temperatures and different kinds of weather-related hazards, including different types of natural disasters. Weather also includes positive elements that affect our environment and contribute benefits to our environment and plant and animal life including things like rainfall or seasonal change.


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