High Visibility Safety Apparel

Last updated: March 25, 2019

What Does High Visibility Safety Apparel Mean?

High visibility safety apparel (HVSA) is clothing that workers wear in order to improve their visibility. HVSA is commonly used on work sites where there are drivers of any sort of equipment and particularly when the work site may be dark. Other scenarios where HVSA may be required are working in the wilderness, hunting, or when a worker's body may be hidden. HVSA includes reflective vests, hard hats, coveralls and bibs.

Safeopedia Explains High Visibility Safety Apparel

Common places to see HVSA are construction sites that are near roadways, sites that are underground, or on projects that are expected to be worked on overnight. HVSA is a requirement on many sites as it is a simple solution to any workplace incident that involves a worker not being noticed.



Hi-Vis Safety Apparel

Hi-Vis Gear

Hi-Vis Apparel


Hi-Vis Clothing

High Visibility Clothing


Hi-Viz Clothing

Hi-Viz Apparel

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